Art Final
(left) Kathy Stearns, a college student in Geneva, NY, made this lovely dress for an art class final project. She didn’t reveal her grade, but we are guessing that she passed with flying colors - or at least with silvery gray color.

Alien Fashion
(right) Bruce Larsen of Fairhope, AL, created this incredible alien costume entirely out of duct tape. (He won $5000 in a costume contest with this creation!)

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Duct Tape Prom
(left) Jodie Cox, with her date Mike Holt, in their duct tape prom formals. It took 3 weeks of strenuous labor and almost 6 rolls of Duct Tape (Jodie doing most of the work, Mike testifies). Jodie and Mike made large sheets of Duct Tape material then she created them from patterns engraved in her mind. Jodie’s formal was constructed by weaving strips of gray Duct Tape to create a checkered look. Mike’s tuxedo was sewn in strips to give it a striped look.And his vest was created using basically the same technique as was used for Jodie's formal. This time smaller rolls of gray, black, and white, strips of Duct Tape were weaved slightly at an angle giving it the look you see. His bow tie was made of gray Duct Tape then accented with black Duct Tape.

More Prom Attire
(right) Emily Bond, a high school student from Vermont, attended her prom decked out in a formal made with strips of duct tape. She obviously looked great, and was the talk of the dance!
You sure won our hearts, Emily! Maybe next year you can score a guy that has the duct tape gene, too!

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Tape This!
(right): Kathleen McFarlin, along with co-founder, George Onyon (Sacramento, California) have started a Duct Tape Apparel Company called “Tape This!” Here are two of their creations. For more information e-mail Kathleen at
Brick Laying Glove: Utilitarian Fashion
(left) Thanks to B.R. Henson who spotted this bricklayer with an inventive duct tape use (notice his duct taped gloves). He said, "Gloves don’t last too long in this business unless you duct tape them."

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Duct Tape NeckWear
Andy Rondeau (above) covered a hideously ugly necktie with duct tape to create this babe magnet. Good thinking, Andy!

Duct Tape Tie #2
(below) Every Wednesday, male students in Geoff K’s school in Easton, MA, are required to wear ties. Geoff, a duct tape savvy person that he is, made his tie completely out of duct tape. Each time he wears it, he gets numerous compliments on it.

We think that parochial schools everywhere ought to start allowing their school apparel to be made entirely out of duct tape.

Duct Tape Footwear
(right) Any duct tape pro knows that if you duct tape over your sock, and you have yourself some durable and high fashion footwear. Duct tape a stick to the heal and you’ve got yourself high heels. See our duct tape shoe page!

Red Green Duct Tape Sportcoat
(left) Tim fashioned this sportcoat for Red Green. He promptly said it was "the ugliest thing he had ever seen" and auctioned it off at a public television fund raiser. It brought $1000. (Heck, it was worth at least $2000!)

Duct Tape Dapper
(left) What appears to be a statute of the tinman is really Andrew Cross of Minneapolis, Minnesota, bedecked head to toe in his own duct tape fashions. Watch out Calvin Klein, step aside, Georgio Armani; Andrew Cross may well become the next fashion moggle!