Send us your duct tape fashion shoes

Jack reinforced his favorite high tops with duct tape. We think the hair and the hightops would make lovely accessories to any duct tape ensemble.
Accessory or Necessity?
(top) Brandon W. of Stillwater, OK is gradually turning his favorite shoes into sandals using duct tape. Not only do these shoes LOOK cool, the side vents help Brandon through the hot Oklahoma summers.

(middle) Andrea S. of Wheaton, IL made these striking laced duct tape boots for a final exam. She got an "A" and had warm leggings all winter.

(left) Duct tape helps Zack and Jeremy G. cruise around St. Charles, MO (cool town) in their old tennis shoes converted to roller skates.

(far left) 13-year-old Nick made these duct tape shoes.

Slipper Enhancement
Ellen M. reinforces her favorite slippers with duct tape. Also, the bottom tape prevents slipping. Maybe she should rename them "stickers?"
Duct Tape "Chucks"
Jerry Foutz of Chandler, AZ gives us a preview of what shoes will probably look like in heaven. A little duct tape and his Converse Chuck Taylors are instantly converted into a pair of the ultimate chick magnets.

Duct Tape Flipflops
(below) Beachbum Carley, B. of Shoreview, MN was bummed because her togs were burning on the hot sand. What did she do, give up and go home to cool her feet? Heck no! She whipped out her roll of duct tape and fashioned these really good looking flipflops.

(above) Katie made these flipflops stuffed with pillow stuffing and decorated them with colored hot glue. (apparently she was not familiar with the availability of colored duct tape)

(below) Laura shoes us her fantastic duct tape shoe creations (Pleasanton, CA).

"They were my favorite flip flops and now they are like brand new." - Melissa, Shoreview, MN

(below) Josh from California went vacationing without his favorite shoes. No problem. A roll of blue Duck® tape and he was back in business.

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