Another Duct Tape
Prom Stud
Ron Khare (who started his duct tape habit by making a duct tape back pack) donned some duct tape and saved a ton of dough on tux. His three piece Duct Tape Tux really stole the show and the heart of his date, the lovely Brea (who has yet to discover her duct tape gene). The theme was "Tropical Paradise" (note the hat) - and what would paradise be like without duct tape... we can't imagine! Nice going, Ron!

Duct Tape Prom Contest
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(left) Lessa, a re-actor of the Renaissance period, makes a custom fit bodice. She explains the steps: Put on an old t-shirt, wraps yourself tightly with duct tape into the approximate shape you want your body to be "laced up" to. Then cut the duct tape (including the t-shirt off of you), You reapply before donning your period costume. Caution: Don't make the mistake that Lessa made; duct taping her hands to her chest before putting on the shirt.

Duct Tape Tux Shirt and Tie
Ron missed out on one major component of the Duct Tape Tux, modeled on the left by our assistant "Shirley" (below). The Duct Tape Tux Shirt front, Bow Tie and Cummerbund combination unit. (Sorry about the side cleavage - Shirley ain't that modest.) Shirley shows us that with duct tape, you don't need arms to be fashionable.

The Duct Tape Guys always wear plenty of duct tape - it extends the durability of their clothing a good three to five years (after which you just add more duct tape). Here Jim (right) shows us his dual bottle jogging headband. Tim (other right) wears duct tape (sticky-side-out) headband "Knowledge Magnet" to help him gather and retain knowledge.
(above) Alex N,, Wichita, Kansas, and Addie P. from Tulsa, Oklahoma model their duct tape bikinis. Who says you can’t enjoy watersports if you forgot to pack your swimware? Just make sure you apply these when you are dry or you WILL be doing some skinny-dipping! Duct tape doesn't stick to wet stuff.

Todd Scott (right) is one crazy Canadian who makes everything out of duct tape (including this kilt - and no, we didn't ask what he was wearing under it). After this photo was shot, he even made duct tape bag pipes. Click here to see more of Todd's duct tape creations.