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It's here! In all of its full color splendor!
The Original Duct Tape Halloween Book
is jam packed with over 101 massively creative duct tape costumes ideas for YEAR 'ROUND FUN and the miscellaneous wackiness that you've come to expect from the Duct Tape Guys. Buy it at your local store, or by clicking on the thumbs up above (just $10).
This has been called our best book yet! And, all bias aside, we agree! (So does the Southeastern Booksellers Association - it made their Bestseller list!)
Order your copy here and get an Ultimate Duct Tape Book (total value $15.90 for only $10!)
Our newest book! The Duct Tape Guys answer life's most perplexing problems with duct tape, unique insight and breathtaking stupidity - 228 pages of hilarity for $9.95.

It’s Wisdom up the Ying Yang! The Duct Tape Guys fix the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui with Duct Tape. We did all the research and give you all the info for a measly $8. Got a friend who's into Feng Shui? This is the perfect GAG GIFT for them! Yes, it contains REAL Feng Shui hints!

Jumbo Duct Tape Book! This one is our best selling book! Its massive 464 pages are jam-packed full of duct tape hints and humor. The book comes with a coupon for a free flatpack of Duck® brand tape. A steal of a deal at $10. Comes with a bumper sticker and button, too! A GREAT GIFT!

The Yin and Yang Two Pack
Duct Tape Book Two and our WD-40 Book. A great gift idea! (add a roll of tape and a can of WD-40) $13.95 value just $10!

The WD-40 Book The Duct Tape Guys' tribute to the only other tool you need in your tool box - a can of WD-40. Filled with humor and real alternative and wacky uses for WD-40. Just $7
A tribute to zaniness!
The Practical Joker's Handbook
Order online and get a genuine rubber classic whoopee cushion to boot! Click the hand to order. $13

Even more zaniness - the sequel!
The Practical Joker's Handbook THE SEQUEL
Order online and get a genuine rubber classic whoopee cushion to boot! Click the hand to order. $13

Or, order The Practical Joker's Handbook the Sequel and Joker's Kit for only $39 (a $46 value)
Tim's popular "Practical Joker's Handbook" comes with the whoopee cushion and an assortment of hard to find items needed to pull off the some of the jokes (including the hysterical "heartthrob beef"). Also includes a classic rubber doggie doo (the best one we could find), a whole bunch of duct tape practical jokes, imp squeeker, and mini instruction manual... More info here. Click the thumbs up to order! Great fun!

Duct Tape Book Two: Real Stories! Filled with real duct tape stories from real people around the world. Includes our photo essay of "The Duct Tape Guys Tape the World, World Tour." Originally $6.95 - no longer in print - we have a few left at just $4 each.
The Ultimate Duct Tape Book (Book Three) Turns out we misnamed this one - it's still one of our favorites, but we came out with an even bigger one (Jumbo) following this. Originally $6.95 - no longer in print - we are offering the remaining stock at just $4 each.

When I'm an Old Man, I'll Wear Mixed Plaids Penned by Tim and Tony (the Duct Tape Guys' original editor) - this book has fun with aging without making fun of the aged. A great gift that dad (and the whole family) will love! Perfect for any guy celebrating a landmark birthday, or certainly grandpa, too.

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall - the complete lyrics Tim finally put an end to the difficulty of trying to make it through all 99+ verses of this popular song. Makes a hilarious gift for anyone that you know who loves beer. (includes non-alcoholic verse options as well). Just $6.95 - and will be autographed by Tim if you buy it from this page.

< Camping and backpacking hints featuring duct tape and other important emergency repair tools.

Looking for Duct Tape Craft Ideas? Here are two books with craft projects using duct tape as the primary tool.