Don't allow your young men and women to leave your institution of higher learning with an incomplete education! Book Duct Tape 101 Today!

It’s a proven fact that college graduates without a working knowlege of duct tape are, in fact, ill-prepared to venture out into the world.

One laugh-filled seminar with the world’s most highly-acclaimed adjunct professors of Duct Tape, Jim and Tim, the Duct Tape Guys, provides the extra reinforcement that your flimsy paper diplomas will require to make them tough enough to survive life’s uncertainties.

To book the Jim and Tim, PhDuct (Doctors of Duct) contact:
The Barry Agency
ph: 763-550-0513

Put the Duct Tape Guys, Duct Tape, and College students together and what do you get? A lot of creative fun! Start the evening with The Duct Tape Guys' bizarre prop comedy, then break into groups to make duct tape inventions, art, music and fashions, then end the evening with an exhibition and voting on the best creations.

Want to hold a Duct Tape College AllStars Event at your school? Click here for booking information.

(left and above) Students at Bethel College, St. Paul, MN, showing off their duct tape spring banquet apparel. (below) Students at Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY held a fashion show and made duct tape inventions following The Duct Tape Guys' show.
You're given duct tape and a half an hour to build something... what will it be? These guys made a real, usable hammock! Perfect for use in the dorm room!
Craig, an RIT photography student, made a working pinhole camera. the black and white images he is holding were actually taken using the camera.

(below) Victoria's Secret? Nah, more like Jim and Tim's Secret.

(right and below) Duct tape, cafeteria chairs and imagination become...
A canoe!
(below) Need dorm decorations? Get out your roll of duct tape and use RA Zack's giant Ohio State "O" wall hanging as inspiration.