Who are The Duct Tape Guys? Jim and Tim are brothers-in-law who are the authors of six best-selling humor books about duct tape (well over 1.5 million sold). They perform bizarre, creative prop comedy based around the theme of duct tape. This is a clean, non-offensive show - and holds a TON of appeal for college kids. Imagine putting Carrot Top and Steven Wright in a blender - you'd end up with something resembling the Duct Tape Guys. Since 1995 they have appeared on television shows and radio interviews numbering nearly 900 per year. They have been regulars on TBS's Man Made Movie, the first season of Discovery's Gimme Shelter, The History Channel, and numerous talk shows. Tim has worked with Mystery Science Theatre 3K's Joel Hodgson, and with Jerry Seinfeld on his original HBO special. His comic gags and props are used by numerous comedians and magicians. You can see video samples of The Duct Tape Guys in our Media Prep area.

Pre-announce Duct Tape 101 or the Duct Tape College AllStars Event at least two weeks in advance. Make special mention to the college art, music, physical sciences, and other departments who may want to have their students prepare special projects for the event. Start the evening with a performance by Jim and Tim, the Duct Tape Guys. Then break up into groups and pass out the duct tape. Students are given thirty minutes to come up with duct tape creations - followed by a demonstration and voting by the audience. If your music students came up with music they would like to perform, it can be worked in prior to or during the Duct Tape Guys' comedy.

Related Events Ideas:
Duct Tape Art Exhibit
Duct Tape Music
Duct Tape Fashion Show
Duct Tape Invention Demonstration
Duct Tape Olympics (races and physical contests)
Stump the Duct Tape Guys (audience members attempt to stump the guys by suggesting a situation that can NOT be fixed with duct tape)
Duct Tape Dorm Decorating Contest - judged by the Duct Tape Guys and photographed for DuctTapeGuys.com.

You can tie the event around a charitable cause by focusing on the fashion aspect of the show and have donated clothing for homeless shelters be the cost of admission. Or, have a Habitat for Humanity awareness event and make duct tape model houses to display at the event (click here to see a Texas school system's samples of this idea).

This is a great fall mixer and Welcome Week activity!

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