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These are some of the more bizarre uses of duct tape that we have been sent since we released our first Duct Tape Book. Got something to send us? Click here for photo submission instructions.
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Michael (last name withheld for obvious reasons) from Indiana, gave his anatomy class' fetal pig dissection new life by duct taping the pig back together. Today a pig, tomorrow a human? Those of you who know who Michael is, please keep a watchful eye on him for us.

Reminds us of our Cow Taping.

Bound to Please
We warned you the stuff on this page might make you lose your lunch. This was sent to us with absolutely no explanation or identification of the ladies involved. One can only surmise that the lady is either trying to lose weight or use duct tape to remove unwanted hair.
Duct Tape Phone
Remember the tin-can phones you used to make when you were a kid? Jim and Tim demonstrate the latest in telephone technology: The Duct Tape Roll-O-Phone. Because of its modular design, you can easily extend its range.
Lower Your Hairline
(left) Tim demonstrates how to lower a receding hairline with duct tape. Notice that Tim has chosen the beige color to blend in as he was trying to be inconspicuous. Duct Tape Pros will obviously make the choice of silver-gray tape for most occasions.

(right) Jim demonstrates the effectiveness of his duct tape rain hat and suit protector. Note: you can finish covering the garbage bag with duct tape for more formal rain attire.

Duct Tape on the Moon!
On the Moon, the long history of micrometeorite bombardment has blasted away at the rocky surface creating a layer of powdery lunar soil or regolith. This lunar regolith could be a scientific and industrial bonanza. But for the Apollo astronauts and their equipment, the pervasive, fine, gritty dust was definitely a problem. On the lunar surface in December 1972, Apollo 17 astronauts Harrison Schmitt and Eugene Cernan needed to repair one of their lunar rover's fenders in an effort to keep the "rooster tails" of dust away from themselves and their gear. This picture reveals the wheel and fender of their dust covered rover along with the ingenious application of spare maps, clamps, and grey strip of "duct tape".
Thanks to: Mark M., Talent, Oregon
Photo Credit: Apollo 17, NASA
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Duct Tape and Bubble Wrapped Wheels
Brothers Jordan and Soren Olsen take a ride in the country in their 1973 Checker Marathon which is upholstered with "Duct and Roll" (duct tape covered seats) and covered in Bubble Wrap and Duct Tape to prevent door dings and rust. For more photos of the car interior click to The Duct Tape Art Gallery.
Mentalist’s Duct Tape Blindfold
Mentalist Banachek (Steven Shaw) has his assistant apply two strips of duct tape and coins over each eye before applying his blindfold. He has reported driving his car in the U.S. and Great Britain at 65 miles per hour using this technique. (Maybe that’s why everyone in England drives on the wrong side of the road.) Quite frankly, If I saw him coming, I'd get off the road altogether!

Check out Banachek’s web site for more information.

The Family Ductster
"Dick" from Vail, CO, sent us this one. He caught this shot on I-70 Eastbound on April 29, 1998. "As we watched from the safety of our own vehicle, the driver got out a roll of duct tape and patched up some of the loose ends. The whole machine appeared to be held together with Duct Tape!" CHECK OUR DUCT TAPE BODY SHOP.

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