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Duct Tape Everglades Cruiser
As program director for a church camp, Arthur Manning of St. Paul, Minnesota, arranged to have duct tape games for our morning activity. Each group of about six campers (ages 9-12) was given a pile of junk - wood scraps, logs, basketball, empty pop cans, chair and duct tape - and encouraged to assemble anything they so desired, with the stipulation that they could add other items as long as there was no permanent damage done to them. This kept the kids busy for at least an hour, and they came up with fairly creative objects. The winner was a space-age looking vehicle (a chair mounted on waterskis). The inventors are shown in the lower photo.

Great job guys! Looks like an Everglades Cruiser to us! ---Jim and Tim

Above: Mark D. of Port Huron, MI, sent us this photo of one of the town’s signal lights. Notice how duct tape has been added to create driving excitment. It also makes it impossible to get a ticket for going through a red light.
(above) KROQ (California) radio listener, Jacqueline, duct tapes her mouth nightly to prevent spiders from entering. We bet it does a darn nice job of waxing her upper lip, too.

Hey, Jim. Maybe that would help you with your drooling problem!

(above) Senior managers from GE Harris Energy Control Systems went to the wall yesterday just to help out the United Way. During the "Fly on the Wall" event, the firm's employees got to duct-tape their bosses to a wall and raised $600 for the charity. PHOTO: Carlos Amat, Calgary Sun
Looks like a scene from some scary alien pod movie to us.
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But! Before YOU attempt this stunt,