Jana Nyberg is a vocalist, flautist and educator from Minneapolis, MN. She appeared on Season 10 of American Idol, and has released three full-length albums to date. Known for her expressive and soulful approach, she effortlessly shifts between genres. A sought-after performer and recording artist, Nyberg has collaborated with Gigamesh, The Adam Meckler Orchestra, Jason Peterson DeLaire (Michael Bolton), Unus, Rass Kwame and others. On stage, she brings a vibrancy and passion that is infectious and ignites her audiences. The Jana Nyberg 5, which will release Nyberg's fourth full-length album in 2017, pushes small ensemble vocal jazz to the modern edge with exciting interpretations of well-loved standards and obscure gems alike. 

"Jana Nyberg has a big, elastic voice, and she knows how to use it..."
- Bebopified.com

"Nyberg [has a] sultry, swaying voice and impeccable timing..."
- JazzPolice.com

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Jana Meckler, teacher by day, Jana Nyberg, jazz singer by night... and the current plight of the teaching profession - a story on Minnesota Public Radio:

St. Paul, Minn. — It's a nerve-wracking time of year for out-of-work teachers in Minnesota.

Schools that lay off teachers in the spring usually hire some back in late summer as they get a better idea of how many students they'll have and how their budgets look. The prospect of even a few hires has applicants chomping at the bit. But school district officials say the job market has been especially tight for teachers.

Jana Meckler spent the spring teaching music to youngsters at Little Canada Elementary.

Before the school year ended, a normal day started with teaching youngsters the song they were to perform for the big year-end assembly.

A substitute teacher, mostly for Roseville schools, Meckler hopes to find a permanent job soon. She's applied for several music teaching jobs around the Twin Cities, but to no avail. Competition is fierce.

"At minimum, right now I would say there are probably 300 applicants for every opening," she said. more

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