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If you're interested in a piece that you can't find on this list, chances are it's been sold.
But, most are still available as giclée prints at our print store.
Please call my studio at 612-240-6679 or for more information.

All prices are in US Dollars. You may purchase any of these pieces for the prices shown plus shipping (usually $30 to $60 depending on the size and destination)
or, you can pick up your piece next time you are in the Stillwater area and save shipping charges
(MN residents will be charged 7.25% sales tax). Please your request with your phone number and we will make arrangements.

Generally, for online sales, we have found it easiest to email an invoice using PayPal.
Here you can use your credit card to pay securely online (no PayPal account is required).

Please note that the rights to all original images, even though the original art has been purchased by a private party and/or corporation,
will remain with the artist and © copyright by Tim Nyberg Creative, Inc.
Many pieces of Tim Nyberg's art are painted for use as licensed images (for advertising, prints, retail products, greeting cards, book illustration, etc.)
and the originals are sold with private display rights only, no reproduction rights.
In other words, original art is sold with no implicit reproduction rights granted without the express written permission of the artist.
A buy-out of all rights may be negotiated at time of original art purchase by the purchaser as desired.

codes: (2C / 3C) multiple canvases, (J) painted to live music/jazz, (F) measurement with frame,
the location indicates if paintings are presently at another gallery/venue
If there are intials in the location column, the painting is currently being shown at another venue.

title size price location
4am fish jockey 36x36 880  
5:30 pickup (story starters series) 18x17.5 350  
a boy and his dog (2C) 16x30 320  
a new day 16x16 350
admiral bird 18x36 520 Art Presv
aging actress 18x24 620 sheas
alone in the night (three canvases and plastic figure) 9x13 280
amber (J) 22x28 450
androgynous 11x13 (with frame) 580
angel 18x24 380
anticipating the resurgence of the liberal media 14x14 180  
area 51 15x30 480
arnold the explorer 18x24 520
as a child 32x38 (F) 420
ascension of green cube 16x16 210
at the beach 24X24 420
at the gala - reprise 22x28 680 olives
at the outdoor 14x18 320  
athena, daughter of zeus 22x28 520
art critic relieves himself on rothko's field 20x20 380  
autumn leaves, dusting of snow 18x18 520 Art Pres
autumn quilt 16x16 420  
axdahl's corner 48x30 1800  
bait (story starters series) 14x37 800  
ball return 20x20 320  
barista (bistro beverage series) 14x18 520
barn on hwy 42 13x23 (F) 320
bass face 22x28 720
bayer works wonders 30x30 720
beer nuts (triptych) 48x36 980 olives
bemsha swing 20x20 320  
between the bars (J) 14x18 280  
berthe lipschitz revisited 24x24 720
bird. house. 24x24 720  
bird in a gilded frame (f) 8x10 + frame 13x15 180  
bird in cage 20x20x6 680 Art Presv
bird is the word 16x16 380  
bird on branch - various versions 6x6 + legs and branch 85  
birds and berries triptych with branches 15x30 480 Art Presv
bird on branch with feather 6x6 + branch and feather 125  
brdman of alcatraz 23x29 (f) 1020
bird/house/bird (sculpture) approx. 3' tall and 12' circum. 620  
bird in cage with potted plant 20x20x8 680  
bird in cage with cat 15x30x6 600  
BISTRO BEVERAGES paintings - various 14x18 380
blackbird in wind 8x8 60
blind date with wine 36x18 550  
blue basa (2C) 10x10 150
blue-eyed baron 16x19 (F) 320
blue / red (2C) 12x20 320  
bluebird on branch 11x14 (F) 210  
bluebird runnin 10x10 60  
blue blockers 18x24 620  
bond, james bond 9x12 50
boy and his dog 30x16 (2c) 380
boy taking banana and hiding it from his mother 22x28 550
bread, pasta and wine / italian deli (sold as set only) 16x20 (x2) 800
breakfront 24x36 780  
bubbles (aka washboard abs) 24x48 780  
bullied 18x24 520  
bush and cheney arrive in hell 12x12 60  
businessman at airport 16x20 280
businessman dreams 10x30 450
c sharp 22x28 620  
calling the play (odd fellows series) 15x30 620
can't get her off of his mind 12x14 320
catching the last pick-up (story starters series) 20x20x6 approx. 550
caught in the act 16x19 (F) 280
celebrate with bubbly (bistro beverage series) 14x18 380  
chef with mustache 12x12 80
chef du poissons (fish chef) 18x24 520  
chef with wine and whisk 18x24 520 olives
chomsky still life 18x24 480  
close encounter 30x40x1 780  
coconut bread (J) 22x28 380
coffee and morning news (bistro beverage series) 14x18 520  
coffee and roses 20x20 380  
coffee and wine 20x20 420  
coffee. table. 2 15x30 500  
coffee grandé 20x20 420  
cognac (bistro beverage series) 14x18 520  
conan (coco) o'brien with beard 12x24 580
congressman prepares for work (with glasses and frame) 17x20 (with frame) 620  
conversation with rothko 11x14 60
could be worse inquire 520 Art Presv
craig 14x18 + branch and feather 520  
cultural project 24x36 720 Art Pres
cute chick 14x18 220  
dance 6x6 50
dance, red on blue 20x20 520  
days of wine and roses (part of bistro beverage series) 14x18 520  
defender 22x30 620
desert storm 5x7 40
dirty with two - #2 (julianne morre version) 18x24 500
dockside 18x18 320  
dockside no.2 9x12 80  
dog, on roof, howls at moon 60x72 1800
dog with toothpick 30x30 + toothpick 880  
dog 16x16 320  
"don" - red bird / don with feather tuft 18x18 + tuft 320  
douglas gives doris the bird 24x36x10 680 olives
dove in the night circus (colombe dans le cirque de nuit) 30x30 680  
dude with pink sunglasses 11x14 plus hair 150  
dusk skyscape with ball 16x20 380  
dwellings (bird) 20x20 380  
early bird at sunrise (same as yellow bird at sunrise) 12x12 220  
early spring 16x16 480  
eight maids a milking 30x40 1200  
eleanor rigby, avec chardonnay 22x28 680  
emcee 30X30 650
end of the world party (J) 30x30 850
entertaining the muse 14x18 and 17"x21" (f) 650
espresso my love (part of the bistro beverages series) 14x18 520
evening attire 24x36 520
evolution (diptych) 45x45 (approx) 2400
extraction 20x32x3 680
face(s) 36x36 700
failure to launch 20x20 plus balloons (2") 680 TAM
fall fling 24x24 720 Art Presv
fall horizon 16x19 280
family in garden with cat 36x36 1500  
fancy dog at picnic with water bowl 22x22x3 680  
fancy man at art opening (J) 36x36 720
farmfield by highway 29 22x30 700 TAM
farmscape 2007 12x36 460 Art Presv
farmscape 24x36 520  
fancy bird 36x36 680  
fez 16x20 420  
first cup after sixty 18x24 520
first flight - flying pig 14x14 + tail and wings 520
first snow 18x18 480  
fish shanties (aka ice fishing shanties) 13x24x4 520 TAM
fish sticks 30x17 plus sticks 420  
flower child 18x22 680  
flying pig - first flight 14x24 (with feathers) 420
fishing for compliments (two canvases with stick, line and hook) 45x51 (approx) 620  
forest for the trees 20X20 520 TAM
free will reprise (story starters series) 16x16x3 120  
freedom jazz dance (J) 24x48 1600
friar monk 34x36 620
from the darkness 8x10 50  
full moon at dusk 8x10 40
fyr bal (norwegian for bonfire) 14x14 180  
gardening angel 28x22 520
geisha 15x18 (F) 320
gibson girl (J) 20x30 520
ghost birds 18x24x1 620  
gingham girl with wineglass 20x30 620
gin gimlet (bistro beverage series) 14x18 520
girl in blue dress 10x20 250
girl with balloons 14x18x3 580  
girl with flowers and bird on head 18x18 650  
glass ceiling 17x20 (F) 420
gold birds and maple 18x24 520
gold chain man with pipe 12x12x4.75 220
gold coast 10x10 (2 canvases) 80  
good for what ales you (bistro beverage series) 14x18 380  
good night and good luck 24x24 620
good vibes 20x20 620
gotan: smile 14x14 220
grandpa's new teeth 22x26 (F) 520 Art Presv
grassy field 18x18 320
green tea 20x20 420  
guess who's coming to dinner 14x14x1.5 420  
gull (aka beach bird) 8x10 95  
guys with beverages - series of 6 - reworked odd fellows 15x30 + 6x12 beverage 620 ea  
habitat 18x18 420  
happy (J) 15x30 420  
Harvey's failed selfie 18x24x1.5 620 TAM
head of the house 20x30 820  
hidden moon 24x30 520  
hillside 12x36 620  
hillside homestead 16x16 420 Art Prsv
horizontal hold 12x12 80  
hot fun in the summertime 12x12 220  
house by the tracks 16x20 380
how to get out of jury duty 28x24x6 620
hugh dini 22x28 720  
hummingbird and cherry 36x36 880  
hunter s. thompson 14x18 700
i claudia (J) 20x20 520
ice fishing shanties 24x13x4 520 TAM
icehouse 22x28 600
icon no. 3 16x16 420
icon no. 5 16x16 420
icon no. 6 16x16 420
icon no.8 16x16 420
icon no.9 (the humanity of Christ) 16x16 420
icon no.10 (surely she share bear our griefs...) 16x16 420
island girl with wine 20x20 480 olives
inside - out 22x22 220
irish lad 12x18 220
it's not nice to mess with mother nature 24x24 620  
italian deli two panels - sold as set only 16x20 (x2) 800 olives
jade 18x18 520  
java love (part of bistro beverage series) 14x18 520
jazz improv 081510 (J) 18x18 520 sheas
jazz face 22x28 720
jazz in bloom (J) 30x30 920 TAM
joseph comes a courtin' 22x26 (F) 520  
juggler with balls 30x30 plus balls 780
keep 'em guessin' 22X28 1200
king me 23x29 520
king of the grill 18x24 520
la barronessa 16x20 (F) 300
landing 24x24 620  
larry looks lonely 19x20 (F) 480
last call (bird) 8x8 65
late for a date (J) 14x18x3 350  
landscape with pond 40x30 1600 Art Presv
leprechaun 22x28 + frame 880  
leaving the nest (story starters series) 23x32 820  
lighthouse 18x18 590
lighthouse keeper 18x36 820
liz (with coffee) 16x16 280  
lone maple 11x13 (F) 200
looking backward (framed) 16x19 (F) 280  
lost (painted to music of the same name) 36x36 900
lover birds on branch 14x14 + branch and feathers 520
lucky man (oh, what a lucky man he was) 30x20 750  
luke stiltwalker 22x28720
lulu's playground (J) 30x30 850 Art Pres
madame fortunae (framed) 22x28 + frame 880
man with cement block shoe 16x16 350
man with fancy hat and suspenders 20x30 (?) 680  
man in loin cloth 10x30 490
man posing with red feather 16x20 320
man on beaeh with machine 20x20 600 Art Pres
marching orders (dna) (J) 14x18 350
man in orange plaid shirt 22x28 600
man in the band 15x30 320
man of the cloth (odd fellows series) 15x30 620
man walking machine on beach 20x20 600 Art Presv
man with cement block shoe 16x16 350
man with orange scarf braves the night 18x24 520
man with terracotta hat and green shirt 24x30 580
marching orders 14x18 120  
marsh 8x10 50
martini time - within reach 12x12 80
mary muses 24X30 520  
masked bird 5x5 40
mechanical bird 22x28 580
meditterranean fruit cocktail 30x30 650 TAM
miles 11x13 (F)


mimosa 14x18 520  
misdirection 30x40 1400  
mocha double shot with whip 30x30 720  
more cheese please 30x40 1200 W&W
most popular to succeed (J) painted to Happy Apple 36x36 900  
motherload (story starters series) 28.5x15.5 900  
mr. roboto (story starters series) 20x20 350
mustached man in wind 24x24 580
mustached man with hat 16x20 350
mutual attraction 24x30 720 olives
next time try decaf 18x24 620  
nick nolte - the lean years 10x30 + 480
nightbird 6x6 45
nightcap (bistro beverage series) 14x18 520 Art Presv
night harvest 5x5 60
night navigator (aka chickenman) 30x30 550  
nocturnal fragments 8x18 420
nothing says comedy like a rubber chicken 18x24 620
november abstract 16x20 320
nutcracker no.1 15x30 380
oblivious (story starters series) 15.5x32 900  
of the two brothers only one was alike 36x36 700  
oh, what a lucky man he was 20x30 520 Art Presv
oktoberfest guy 14x18 500
old fashioned sweet with olives (bistro beverage series) 14x18 520
ornithophobia 36x36 900
orville and wilbur's first flight (set of two) 14x14 each 320 set  
perch 36x36 700  
perch naturale 36x36 1620
pill box 30x30 1200  
pinocchio as a young man 28x22 520  
pizza chef (with wire hair and pizza paddle) 36x65 (approx) 2400 olives
pizza chef #2(with wire hair and pizza paddle) 30x66 (approx) 2400 Art Presv
plaid (odd fellows series) 15x30 620
pockets 24x24 600
portrait of a young girl 36x36 980  
poultry in motion 24x24 520  
pris 15x30 480
the rat pack (five canvases) 30x40 each 4200 set olives
realization 11x14 320
r and b (j) 36x36 780
reclining nude with purse 30x48 1200
red bird 18x18 520
red doors 18x18 520  
red on blue 12x9 50  
red shed and treeline 16x20 520
red wine and cheese (part of the bistro beverages series) 14x18 380  
redhead in sunglasses 14x18 620
redhead man in black turtleneck 18x24 520
redhead woman in blue chair 22x28 520  
redwing and branches 24X24 750  
redwing no.3 16X16 420  
role reversal (story starters series) 16x16 120  
romancing the bean (bistro beverage series) 14x18 380  
romantic interlude 20x30 420  
rooster (based on child's art) 16x16 220  
rooster and hen house 24x24 420  
rose 12x36 520  
roses and vase 18x36 620  
rothko meets hitchcock 48x36 1100
rough day (with glasses) 14x16 (with frame) 520
rough day, don't ask 22x28 680  
royalty 22x28 520
rural abstract 12x12 150  
rural landscape #2 16x16 480
rural landscape #3 16x16 320
sanctuary bird 10x20 300
selfie with sun glasses 16x20 520  
shaken, not stirred (part of bistro beverage series) 14x18 520  
she likes her coffee 20x30 520  
sideshow (J) 30x30 750
sideshow entertainers
(there are seventeen paintings in this series)
22x28 720 each
880 framed
silvia (bird with real tail feathers) 8x10 + feathers 95  
simone 18x24 420
sisters going to the ball 22x28 720
sizing up the situation 24x24 520
skyscape #2 30x30 780
small town blues 30x30 820  
smiling fish 28x22 420  
snipe in the moonlight 10x20 220  
snowbirds (winter birds on a wire) 22x28x5.5 650  
snowden 20x20 650  
solitude 10x10 80  
space dog 18x24 350
sparrows 14x18 380  
spring grove 16x16 420  
st. croix river abstract 22x28 380  
st. germain 30x30 900  
stand by me 30x30 780  
steadman encounter 30x40 850  
still life with lime wedges 20x20 520  
stonewall cottage 16x16 420
storage shed 16x20 320  
storm 12x16 780
strike a pose 18x18 420  
summer field 18x24 480  
swingshift (part of the story starters series) 22x28 450
tea rose journal 20x20 600  
tea time 14x18 520 Art Presv
the artist (with colored pencil hair) 15x30 + pencils 480
the bird watcher 36x36 1200
the birdman of alcatraz 24x30 (F) 1080
the boss and the secretary (diptych) 12x16x4+pencil 480
the event 11x14x2 320
the irish rover 22x28 620
the lighthouse keeper 18x36 900
the literary critic (odd fellows series) 15x30 620  
the gundersons take a cruise 24x24 720
the magician 30x48 680
the man who would be king 23x29 (F) 650
the pastor fled the scene 18x22 (F) 320
the realtor (story starters series) 14x11 180
the substitute 22x28 720
theology 36x36 900  
three ball champ (aka "the juggler") 16x20 (+ balls) 380
tiny dancer (on two canvases in frame) 16x19 (with frame) 250  
'tis a gift to be simple (odd fellows series) 15x30 620  
torch - the human bonfire 22x28 700  
trees by a stream (framed) 16x20 (F) 380
trees by the river 30x30 780 Art Presv
trees with burning log 20x20 520  
trés elégant 12x36x6 580
trifocals 18x24 680 Art Presv
trouble brewing at the martini bar 36x36 900  
tulips 15x30 520 TAM
tulips and coffee 22x28 620  
tulips and water glass 24x24 580  
tulips in terracotta 16x16 420  
twilight harvest 16x16 420
unbreak the morning 36x36 900
under scrutiny 20x20 380
untitled 091213 22x28 500  
veneers 16x20 350  
vertical hold 22x28 520
view from foggy window 22x28 700  
visitation 16x19 (F) 280
waiting bird (framed) 14x17 (F) 220  
waiting for the call 37x18x6 980  
waiting for winter 20x20 380
wayside (story starters series) 16x16 350  
weather ornette (J) 36x36 900
wedge and wheel 30x30 850 w&w
when pigs fly 20x20 520
whistler 30x30 750
whistling straits boys 24x36 950
white bird in marsh 24x24 680  
white picket cottage 16x16 420
white wine and cheese (part of the bistro beverage series) 14x18 380  
who does your hair? 17x20 (with frame) 420  
who were you? 20x30 620  
wilbur and orville (set of two birds) 14x14 each 320  
wine is bottled poetry (part of bistro beverage series) 14x18 520 olives
wine trio (triptych of wine glasses - two red, one white) 10x20 (x3) 720 TAM
wine and nipples (aka woman with wine) 30x30 780 olives
wine, wedge & wheel 30x30 850 W&W
wine and wine chef (no background yet) 18x24 450
wine and wisk chef (no background yet) 18x24 450
wineglass trees 20x20 520  
wineglass trees #2 16X20 480
winter peace dove 14x14 190
with child 30x30 420  
woman ala fresco (2C) 16x16 350  
woman at martini bar 22x28 680  
woman in red hat 10x20 520 sheas
woman with red purse walks dog on main street (2C) 16x28 380
wonderin' 18x24 320
worth two... (J) 24x24 680
yellow bird 18x18 580
yellow bird at sunrise (same as early bird at sunrise) 12x12 220
yellow bird up high... 22x28 620  
ymmit 18x18 400
yo! (J) 30x30 700
young woman (girl) green field 24x30 620  
young man and the sea (with trees) 18x18 450  
young man with bird perched on head 15x30 (F) 350  
young woman 15x30 620 Art Pres