"When I was in junior high, I used to go on trailer trips with my grandparents. My grandfather told me, 'Always leave a place better than you found it.' While grandpa was talking about campsites, I think it's a universally good bit of advice. I've carried that thought with me into my life and career." - Tim Nyberg

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Since receiving his B.A. in art in 1976 Tim Nyberg has been a professional illustrator and designer. Doing business as Octane Creative, he's created marketing and advertising for everyone from McDonald's to the corner restaurant, Quaker Oats to the local bakery, from General Motors to the neighborhood mechanic...

"I've always tried to do things a bit differently - to catch people off guard - to grab their attention for just a few seconds longer. The world is full of status quo. I always strive to provide something new, something unique. After thirty-plus years, I'm fairly confident in this approach."

Thanks to an unexpected career detour in 1994 (as a humor author and entertainer based on his best selling “Duct Tape Book” series), Tim found the opportunity to return to his first love – making art for the sheer pleasure of creating. As Tim's fine art painting style evolved, it showed a definite affinity for the whimsical and the off-kilter. His fresh, always eye-catching paintings took on an illustrative feel and seemed perfectly suited for merchandise. His art features an unexpected, yet completely pleasing color palette. His bold design sense and mature textural style make for a wonderfully unique viewing experience. 

Tim's a St. Paul, Minnesota native who currently lives in Door County, Wisconsin. There he and his wife, Julie, have operated a gallery and artful gift store. This experience has provided Tim a first-hand "laboratory" in which to try new ideas and conduct some real-time consumer research.

"It's great to be able to observe people's responses to my art and gift products that bear my designs. Hearing people laugh and commenting on specific pieces is so rewarding. It's been a very worthwhile experience. It encourages me that my hunches about what people will like are generally quite accurate."

Tim is also the creator of over 27 humor books. He has an impressive tenure as a comic entertainer. He's penned whimsical verbiage for countless greeting cards, apparel items, buttons and magnets. He even helped create the set designs for Jerry Seinfeld's first HBO special... If there is creativity involved in a project, Tim's all over it. 

Contact info:
Tim Nyberg
art website: timnyberg.com
design website: octanecreative.com

As a professional graphic designer, I'm able to create product presentations and prototype art like what you see on the left.

I'm proficient in Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and do web development, video production... all of which will help you present my art to your clients in an easily envisioned manner.

Having worked with ad agency deadlines for over 30 years, I am blazingly fast, and ridiculously skilled at idea development.

I hope that you will give me the opportunity to create work for you and your clients. - Tim

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- Tim

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