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Fire and Ice and Fun Art… Nice!

Award-winning artist and illustrator Tim Nyberg will be having a one day exhibition and sale of over 200 paintings during Sturgeon Bay's Fire & Ice Weekend. This free art exhibit of "Fun Art" will take place in the second floor gallery of the Fairfield Building in Sturgeon Bay on Saturday the 18th from 10am to 4pm. A portion of the sales from this event will benefit the Lakeshore C.A.P. Food Pantry. Preview the art that will be available online at timnyberg.com.

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caption: "Bloody Mary" from Tim Nyberg's Bistro Beverages series

Every Picture Tells a Story, Don't It?

The line from the Rod Stewart song, "Every Picture Tells a Story, Don't It?" takes on literal meaning at the Flying Pig starting this Saturday (the 14th) during the "Story Starters Exhibition."

During a recent trip to a Twin Cities art crawl, Sturgeon Bay artist Tim Nyberg rescued a bolted-together configuration of stage-shaped canvases from an artist's dumpster. Tim happily handed the artist $100 for the lot of expertly-crafted unique canvases and brought them back to his Sturgeon Bay studio where he painting them with various backgrounds and added a variety of one inch plastic people (designed for "O-gauge" model railroading). The little scenes were provocative and conjured up stories. So, Tim numbered the paintings (so as to not influence writers), and posted them on his web site as springboards for creative writing.

You can view the paintings and read the writings that have been created based on the eleven images at the Flying Pig's Story Starters exhibition which runs through September 11th. At the exhibition's opening (from 5p to 7p on the 14th), some of the writers will be present to read their short stories and poems, and the artist will be available to discuss the works.

Admission to the opening reception is free. For more information please contact The Flying Pig: 920-487-9904 or online at theflyingpig.biz.

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caption: "Story Starters" paintings by Tim Nyberg incorporate one-inch plastic people to create provocative scenes for writers.

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(caption: Ernest's First Bus by Tim Nyberg - acrylic, pen and graphite on canvas 36" x 48")

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Popcorn, chocolates, ice cream and acrylic...

When Copper Kettle Confections' owner Terry Ullman invited Sturgeon Bay artist Tim Nyberg to see his newly acquired shop space (In the previous Latitude 45 location), Tim's creative wheels started turning.

Nyberg reminisced about the ice cream parlor in White Bear Lake, Minnesota he used to visit as a child. "There were high ceilings with beautifully-rendered Maxfield Parish-esque peach-tinted clouds all around tops of the walls. Those paintings really made it a magical place."

Tim mentioned what an asset the high ceilings were. He suggested that Terry could make good use of the tall ceilings by hanging appropriately-themed paintings in the areas above the merchandise. Terry, wishing to reinvent and update the popular confectionery with its move, agreed it would be a good idea.

In two days, Tim walked over with a large five by six foot canvas titled, "Candy Store Kids" and asked Terry if he would "store it for him." Terry loved the painting and was thrilled to oblige.

In a few days, Ullman walked across the street to Tim's Gallery 42 and asked about creating four more paintings to be used as signs above the specific food and merchandise areas. A quick check for the appropriate canvas size and Tim went to work on four more whimsical, colorful paintings.

Never one to miss an opportunity to update and improve a corporate image, the graphic designer side of Nyberg went to work creating a new branding for the confectionery - based on their web site, "Door County Candy.com." He also fashioned a whimsical treatment of Terry's "Life is Sweet" tag to be used on apparel and other merchandise.

Next time you walk into Terry's confectionery you will be greeted not only by friendly staff, the wonderful smells of freshly popped corn and the colorful array of candies and merchandise, you'll also have your eyes and spirits lifted by Tim Nyberg's whimsical paintings.

More of Tim Nyberg's art may be viewed at g42 (Gallery 42) in Sturgeon Bay, at J. Jeffrey Taylor in Fish Creek, and online at g42art.com.

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"Bohemian Rhapsody in Blue" music/art jam at Ledgestone Vineyards

What happens when you mash-up two classics - one from the rock genre, the other from jazz-influenced modern classical music - with acrylic paint on canvas? Find out August 27th at the Ledgestone Vineyards when musician Lee Tomboulian (Appleton/New York City) teams up with artist Tim Nyberg (Sturgeon Bay/Twin Cities) to present "Bohemian Rhapsody in Blue".

Lee and Tim have been performing their "Art and Music Jams" at Gallery 42 in Door County for the past four seasons. Audiences love to hear and see the improvisational process take place during this unique performance art. Tim interprets the shapes, colors, textures that he hears in the music. And Lee, a master at improvisation, often catches cues off of Tim's art and works it into his compositions. It's really a sort of musical/visual dance in which each takes turns leading.

Ledgestone Vineyard (in Greenleaf, WI just south of Depere on Hwy. 57) invites you to the world premiere of Lee's "Bohemian Rhapsody in Blue" in combination with Tim's music-inspired art created on the spot. Saturday, August 27th from 2p to 4p. Wine and light hors d'oeuvres will be available for purchase. Bringing your own chairs is suggested. In case of rain, the event will move inside the Vineyard's sample room.

See more of Nyberg's art at g42art.com and get directions to Ledgestone at LedgestoneVineyards.com.

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"Jazz in bloom" "a finger, two dots, then me"
"geisha" "the insufficiency of rain"
"an uncomfortable attraction" "clown"

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left photo caption: "Lee Tomboulian and Tim Nyberg at a Gallery Forty Two Art and Music Jam"
Photo by Kelly Avenson (click photo for pdf print version)

right photo caption: "Tim Nyberg paints an abstract based on live music performed at a Gallery Forty Two Art and Music Jam"
Photo by Kelly Avenson (click photo for pdf print version)

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Gallery owner/artist, Tim Nyberg

sample images (one file):

irish lad fall farmstead

the amazing wolendos ireland

joseph goes a courtin' structures and solitude

Tim Nyberg: vita/bio

For the past thirty years, Tim Nyberg has been a graphic designer and illustrator for everyone from Fortune 500 companies to the corner retailer, from McDonald’s to small cafes, for national magazines, bookcovers, web sites, and his own humor books - most notibly the “Duct Tape Books.”

Tim brings his commercial art sensibilities to his fine art and enjoys exploring and blurring the line between the two. If you walk through his gallery and smile or chuckle, it’s payment enough for Tim (although your purchases are certainly appreciated as well). You can see samples of Tim's work at GalleryFortyTwo.com

About the diversity in Tim's painting styles:
I'm constantly exploring in my art - not afraid to try new things - not afraid to fail. Really, what's the worst that can happen? I've wasted a little paint. I just paint over it and the underlying "failed experiment" just adds to the richness of the new image.

I can relate to this quote by Pablo Picasso: "God is really only another artist. He invented the giraffe, the elephant and the cat. He has no real style, He just goes on trying other things."

Press Releases

Nyberg's Art Takes Wing

The Flying Pig in Algoma will host Tim Nyberg's "birds" (avian in acrylic) paintings from September 10th through October. From Tim's trademark whimsical creations to thoughtful abstracts incorporating birds, branches and Seuss-like vegetation, the show will feature over 30 paintings spanning three years of work.

When asked why birds, Tim responded, "My dad paints a lot of birds. That may have inspired me to try my own hand at the creatures - a challenge to see if they'd work in conjunction with my non-objective style that has been developing. Or, it could be my love of watching birds flit about in our yard, playing in the trees, the bushes, and cautiously discovering our pond for bathing and drinks. Or, as a designer, it could be that I just appreciate the shape of a bird. Or, a combination of all of these. Whatever the reason, the little winged creatures have played a major role in my art recently. And, my studio visitors seem to have been appreciating them as well."

"birds" will feature a gallery environment complete with bird sounds and a few extra surprises. Cards and prints incorporating the birds will also be available during the show.

"birds" (avian in acrylic) will open September 10th and run through October in the Flying Pig's upper gallery, on Highway 42 in Algoma, Wisconsin. More information and gallery hours are online at TheFlyingPig.biz. Tim Nyberg's art may be viewed online at g42art.com.

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photo caption: "Tim Nyberg paints an abstract based on live music performed by Lee Tomboulian at the Gallery Forty Two Art and Music Jam"
Photo by Kelly Avenson (click photo for pdf print version)

photo captions: (left) "What's with the Faces?" exhibit opens at Gallery Forty Two in Sturgeon Bay's Fairfield buildlng.

(right) "Ooo!" An abstracted face painting by Door County artist Tim Nyberg

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Sturgeon Bay is for the Birds

While the Miller Art Museum hosts the "Birds in Art" exhibit featuring art by artists from around the world, just two blocks away (as the crow flies) in the Fairfield Building, Gallery 42 will be showing bird art by three local artists. Gallery 42 owner Tim Nyberg will be exhibiting his bird paintings and abstracts in an exhibit he's calling Avian and Abstracts. Joining Tim in the gallery will be ceramic artist Reneé Schwaller and wood carver David Frykman - each showing their creations featuring birds.

Tim's bird paintings range from scary Hitchcock-esque ravens to whimsical bird/human encounters. His abstracts, many of which have been painted to live music during the gallery's art and music jams, will add even more variety to the show.

Avian and Abstracts will run from Saturday, November 14th through December 31st. Hours at Gallery 42 are Thursday through Sunday from noon. Extended hours on Friday nights from Thanksgiving until Christmas. Guests will be greeted with complimentary wine, cider and a little bag of bird seed for their feathered friends at home.

More information at GalleryFortyTwo.com or by calling 920-785-1123.

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previous releases:

Gallery 42 Opens with Face Paintings and Live Jazz 
Gallery 42 has moved to Door County's Historic Downtown Sturgeon Bay. The opening reception with live jazz and light refreshments will take place on Friday, October 16th from 6 to 9 pm.

The current exhibit is titled "What's with the Faces?" The exhibit title was inspired by an incident that happened while at the gallery's Juddville location. Tim explains, "I was working the front gallery when I heard honking on Highway 42. I looked out to see cars screeching to a halt while a large car was doing a three-point u-turn right in the middle of the busy highway. Naturally, the driver and her aging mother were making the dangerous u-turn to pull into our parking lot. After the two silently perused the entire gallery, the younger of them stood in front of the checkout counter, hands planted firmly on hips, and demanded, 'What's with the faces?' I told her that they were all in my head and I needed to get them out or there would be 'issues'. The question struck me as so odd that I repeated it to my wife, Julie who suggested that it be the title of our opening exhibit in Sturgeon Bay."

The opening reception on the 16th will feature Lawrence University keyboard and improvisation professor, Lee Tomboulian. Lee has performed at many of Gallery 42's Art and Music Jams. Joining Lee will be the Nyberg's son Jake on percussion and daughter Jana on flute and vocals. There will be a brief gallery talk around 7pm when Tim will discuss his paintings.

Gallery 42's new Sturgeon Bay space is located in the Fairfield building on the corner of Third Avenue and Michigan Street. The new gallery is smaller than the Juddville location but is bright and pleasant, offers handicapped accessibility, and will be open throughout the year. Tim and Julie are happy to bring art back to the Fairfield and to be a part of Sturgeon Bay's business community.

More information about the gallery including fall and winter hours may be found online at GalleryFortyTwo.com or by calling 920-785-1123.

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Who has been an influential artist to me... (for the Peninsula Pulse series)

In attempting to answer your “simple question” :  which artist has been most influential to me, I ran though hundreds of possibilities. Artists (living and dead), teachers, parents... I could not choose one single person – nor did one stand out above all others. 

So (and you may consider this a cop-out), I’m going to go along with Pablo Picasso who said, "God is really only another artist. He invented the giraffe, the elephant and the cat. He has no real style, He just goes on trying other things." 

I believe any artist (visual or otherwise) is influenced by all that they experience. And, that these private experiences eventually become public through artistic expression.

Since straying from a career of illustration and graphic design into the realm of “fine” art (i.e. art where I’m calling the shots, not an art director), I've constantly been exploring – not afraid to try new things – not afraid to “borrow” from others – not afraid to fail. Really, what's the worst that can happen? I've wasted a little paint. I just paint over it and the underlying "failed experiment" adds to the richness of the new image.

I’ll probably never settle on just one style, one subject matter. I have too many ideas. The common thread that viewers will (hopefully) see in my work, is a solid appreciation for the simple joy of creating. 

So, a tip of my humble artist’s hat to the Creator – the one who started it all.

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Artist Bio:

Tim Nyberg has been an illustrator and graphic designer for over three decades. His illustration work has appeared in national publications, he’s done design and creative direction for ad agencies, Fortune 500 Companies and the corner retailers here in Door County.

Now, in semi-retirement thanks to a successful career as an author and entertainer based on his best selling “Duct Tape Books,” Tim’s found time to return to his first love – making art for the sheer pleasure of creating.

Tim’s art ranges from whimsical to thought-provoking. Impressionistic objective to non-objective abstracts. In his fine art you can see the same sensibilities that Tim developed during his tenure as an illustrator and graphic designer.

More of Tim’s work may be viewed online at GalleryFortyTwo.com and at his gallery in Door County, WI.

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For Immediate Release:

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Paint by Number
The Dance Continues at G42

Gallery 42 calls the event "Art and Music Jam." It's the experiment that's held every Saturday during the tourist season at the Door County gallery. You might also refer to the event as "Paint by Number" (musical number that is). As guest musicians (most of them accomplished jazz players) play their initial notes, Gallery 42 owner Tim Nyberg stands facing  a large empty canvas - closes his eyes - listens to the music - and waits for an image to come to mind. He grabs ahold of the first inkling of an idea and starts flinging paint.

"Sometimes it's a shape, sometimes a color, a texture, a rhythm. Whatever the music gives me. The trick is to get it onto the canvas quickly - before it disappears."

He works fast, often in time with the music. The image appears quickly, then changes, and changes again. He turns his head, then the canvas, and keeps painting.

"During the process, the music often takes different turns sending my thoughts in new directions. Or what appears on the canvas - which is usually quite abstract - seems to work better sideways or upside down from the original orientation." 

Working in acrylic, Tim works fast and doesn't seem to mind changing direction mid-course. Sometimes he'll spray a mist of window cleaner on the painting, let it sit for a second, then grab a rag and wipe. The smear becomes a rich base for new visual ideas. More paint is applied, then smeared with fingers, scrapped with small pieces of wood or scribed with the opposite end of the brush.

"The paintings seem to build themselves. Sometimes they're successful, sometimes it was just a fun few minutes of observing whatever happens.  But it gets really cool when the musicians watch what's happening on the canvas and start to improvise to what they see. That's what really makes the process a dance of creativity between artist and musician - both of us taking turns leading."

When it all works just right, the painting process ends perfectly with the last note of the music. The dance ends, the partners look at each other and smile (or sometimes shrug their shoulders and laugh). The onlookers applaud.

Gallery 42 is now located in Door County's Historic Downtown Sturgeon Bay in the Fairfield Building.

For hours and more information call 920-785-1123 or visit GalleryFortyTwo.com.

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Gallery Forty Two
fresh art for home and business
242 North Michigan Street
Gallery B2
Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235


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