Matt N. of Shoreview, Minnesota gave us this idea for a Duct Tape Road Trip section. Inspired by his roadtrip in a duct taped pickup truck from Minnesota to Washington State.

Matt has set the precident which to beat... Send us your duct taped vehicle photos in various locations around the world and we will post them here. Click here for submission guidelines.

And now... some photos from Matt's Duct Tape Road Trip...

Matt's favorite tape? Duck® brand's X-Treme® Tape. It comes in great colors and was easy to apply.

Below clockwise from left - No Midwest road trip is complete without a stop at Wall Drug in South Dakota. Followed by a stop in the Rockies and finally Port Townsend, Washington. The Duck® brand duct tape held nicely the whole trip! Matt is presently planning a retaping and another trip... updates will be coming.

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