Jim and Tim (the Duct Tape Guys) and Ben and Dan (of Ben there, Dan that) debuted "Duct Tape: the Musical" May 15th, 2010 to a sold-out house at Third Avenue Playhouse in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. Everyone absolutely loved it!

Then, we sold out again in January of 2011. This is obviously the most desired musical ever staged (about duct tape). Note: We almost sold out the second show as well (despite the fact that the Green Bay Packers organization requested we move it from Sunday afternoon to Friday night so as to not deplete from their fan base for their NFL playoff game).

WONDERFUL! HILARIOUS! (I laughed out loud alone in my office.) SIDE-SPLITTING... REALLY, I had to get out some Duct Tape to repair my sides... [insert rimshot here] - C. McNair Wilson (formerly of Disney Imaginering)

Watch our 16-minute demo video (portions of our 90-minute show).

Len Villano took a mess of good shots of the show - you can see them here.

If you want to see some more of the videos created for the show, here they are in their entirety:

Intro Movie

Duct Tape Newsreel

Al's $39.95 Auto Repair Commercial

Gray-Tel commercial (which crashes and burns because Jim spliced the video with duct tape - so, we continue the commercial live)

JT Newmountain's Tape Song (possibly the worst music video ever created - but unfortunately, Jim loves it...)

I laughed out loud alone in my office. SIDE-SPLITTING... REALLY, I had to get out some Duct Tape to repair my sides...
[insert rimshot here].
- C. McNair Wilson,
formerly of
Disney Imaginering

The always zany Duct Tape Guys again prove that their tape has unlimited uses as they seamlessly blend in the music of "Ben There, Dan That" to produce a musical that sticks with you.
- Jon Gast,
Door County

I've never laughed so hard in my life.
- Bob Starr,
ERA Starr Realty

I don't know what it was that you guys did, but my family has been talking about it for a week now.
- son of audience members

Click here to listen to our commercial!
Click here for our short commercial!