This uniquely sticky wedding took place September 29th at Universal Studios in Hollywood, California. The bride, Joyce Lotta, and groom, Kevin Thomas, wore fashion creations of Los Angeles designer Brian McKinney (who took more than 150 hours to complete their attire). The wedding was sponsored by Manco (Duck Products) of Avon, Ohio.
(above) The first kiss, followed by (above right) the recessional (Joyce and Kevin were pleased that the crowd didn't choose to throw rolls of duct tape instead of rice.

(below) The real cake, and a Duck Tape replica made by Canadian Duct Tape Artist, Todd Scott (who also made the duct tape flowers for the lovely table settings).

(right) The first dance (after which Kevin choose to lose the jacket or faint dead away from the heat).

(below) The happy couple with Manco T. Duck (by the way, the duck did NOT go on the honeymoon with them).