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(right) Taylor entered his car in a local radio station contest for the "most creative use of duct tape" category. He won first place. The car was called the "duct tape tank".

(below) This has got to be the most major duct tape repair job we've seen. It makes you wonder if the handicapped parking space was required prior to the incident.

(left) Hood latch missing? Bring on the duct tape!
(left) Alex and his friends pimped out this '92 Pontiac Grand-Am with duct tape and cardboard. Front skirts and a rear spoiler for under $2!

(right) Jana fixed her leaky Volvo sunroof effectively and stylishly with silver duct tape.

(below) Similar situation (owner unknown), but apparently time to add more duct tape.

(left) No, the door doesn't open, nor does the window. And, no, I don't intend to fix it.

(above) Probably the number one problem plaguing car owners, failure to judge the proximity of the side of the garage door and busted off side mirrors. Duct tape to the rescue!

(right) The term, "Rag Top" is given new meaning.

Scotch Bike Fix (above) Whilst on a 'rideout' in the North of England one of our group (from Glasgow in Scotland) misjudged a bend and ended up in a culvert after sliding on his side for about 100m. It took 5 of us to pull the bike out and after using Duck Tape to hold the fairing, instrument panel and indicators on Ian (the guy from Glasgow) was able to ride the remaining 120 miles home without any hitches. Happened on 11th Oct 2003 in Kielder forest /Scottish Borders. - Mick Y.

Battery Tightener I had a loose battery and decided to fix it with duct tape. It and a little re-enforcement from some bailing wire holds the battery firmly in place. - Justin E., New Market, TN

(above) Lee shows off his duct taped bike.

(below) Jason S. from Indianapolis Indiana made a spoiler for his car by duct taping twentyeight empty pepsi cans together.