We get a lot of questions asked of us concerning duct tape. Many of them are the same. This page is posted to provide you with our answer to your question without your having to take time to email us. If your question is not answered here (read the page before asking please), then feel free to your question. - The Duct Tape Guys

What kind of tape? Is there a certain brand of duct tape that you recommend?
Not all duct tapes are created equally. We love and recommend Duck® brand tape - best quality, most colors (20 at this writing), great people... More information about tape qualities is posted on our Duct Tape 101 page.

Where the heck? I saw a recipe for Duck-ala-Duct on your web site and now I can't find it. Where did it go?
It's still there. We seldom take anything off the site - it's been building since 1994. A quick way to find something on our site is to use the pull-down menu that is on the main page of the site. The Duck recipe you want is linked in our Cookin' with the Duct Tape Guys section.

Duct Taping a Car I have a small car: 2 Door (Nissan Sentra) that I wish to cover in black duct tape. Could you approximate how many rolls, and of what size, would I need to cover the entire car?
Boy! Your guess is as good as ours. Just buy a bunch and return what you don't need if you want to make only one trip to the store. When you start, make sure the car is clean and dry. Start taping at the rear of the car and work forward. Overlapping the tape. WARNING: In the hot sun, the tape will heat up and either delaminate or glue shift and ooze. Be prepared for that. (No, we don't know the oozing point of duct tape adhesive - you will have to experiement or call the various duct tape companies to find that out. But any tape that is legally labeled "DUCT" tape is supposed to meet and exceed a temperature normally experienced in heating ducts, so that might be a safe place to start.) And, duct taping a cold car (under 40 degrees or so) is going to affect adhesion. Tape on! See what others have created in our "Stuck in Traffic" pages. - DTG

Prom Gowns and Tuxes How much duct tape should I get to make a prom gown and tux? Do you have directions for making the apparel? How do I enter that duct tape prom contest?
That all depends on what size you and your date are, and how elaborate you want your gown and tux. You can get an idea of the scope of prom apparel by visiting our Prom Gallery WebViewer - this showcases over 300 of our favorites from the past "Stuck at Prom" contests. To make your apparel, you can make your own duct tape cloth (explained on our how-to pages), cut a pattern like you would with regular fabric and then tape it together, or cover a fabric apparel in tape. The purists will start with duct tape cloth. You can enter Duck® brand's Stuck at Prom" contest by following the information on their web site. Good luck! - DTG

Gorilla Tape vs. Duck Tape? Is Gorilla® tape really stronger than duct tape?
Gorilla tape and Duck tape are both duct tape. They are made basically the same way. There are different qualities of duct tape - the strength is usually determined by the amount of fiber that is in the middle layer. Gorilla tape uses more glue than Duck tape. This has caused problems. When the tape gets warm, the glue gets soft and the tape shifts. This ain't good. Duck® brand came out with a tape that competes nicely with Gorilla tape - "Ultimate Duck Tape" - good strong tape that has just the right amount of adhesive to provide a good strong repair without the shifting and oozing that Gorilla tape has a problem with. Stick with Duck®! - DTG

Wallets, duct tape roses etc. How do I make a duct tape wallet and other accessories?
Visit our how-to pages for complete directions. - DTG

Duct work Can I use duct tape on my duct work?
Duct tape has to meet certain heat resistant standards to be legally (and effectively) used on duct work. Duck® brand has a special aluminum foil tape that is better for HVAC work.

Double-sided tape I want to stick down some indoor/outdoor carpeting is there double-sided duct tape?
You could just make a duct tape loop - sticky-side out and place that under your carpeting (make sure the floor is clean and dry first, or it won't stick). Or, Duck® brand does have a new double-sided duct tape - all the strength of duct tape - with the sticky stuff on both sides. - DTG

Birth of Duct Tape How is duct tape made? Have you ever been to the factory?
The physical construction of duct tape is described on our Duct Tape 101 page. We have never been to the factory, but you can see a cool little video made by an Alaskan videographer showing some of the manufacturing process. Click here to see "The Birth of Duct Tape." - DTG

Falling apart Why is my mailbox's duct tape repair falling apart? Do I have to retape it every year?
Weather affects all brands of duct tape. Some cheaper brands won't last very long at all. But even the best, most expensive duct tapes will see deterioration in time. Cold and hot weather extremes also affect the glue. Cold will harden the rubber-based adhesive, heat will soften the adhesive. And, the sun's UV rays can delaminate all brands of duct tape. Duck® brand makes a UV- resistant tape formulated especially for outdoor use. But, duct tape is a cheap repair - so just take a few minutes and repair the repair when you see the need arise. - DTG

Weirdest thing What is the weirdest thing you've ever made out of duct tape?
The weirdest thing we've made would probably be an over-a-decade-long career of writing books about it and doing stand-up comedy about duct tape. - DTG

School reports Can I interview you and use stuff from your web site for a school report?
Sorry, we can't take time to do as many interviews as we would like to. We do interviews for radio, tv and the print media, but not school projects. We do, however, have bios and press releases that you can draw material from in our media area. and our Duct Tape 101 page. You do NOT need to ask permission to quote materials and use images for school/college reports, just quote your source as www.ducttapeguys.com please. Again, because of the volume of requests that we get, we are NOT able to answer your specific interview questions. Thank you for understanding. Good luck with your report. - DTG

Free Tape? I have a club that makes stuff out of duct tape. Can you send us some free tape?
We're humor authors and entertainers. We don't own a duct tape company. We don't even sell duct tape. So, short answer, "Sorry, no." If you want duct tape for a club, event, stock car, or are looking for a sponsorship, please contact a duct tape company directly. - DTG

How do I submit my idea? I have a great idea for using duct tape - and I have photos of it, too. Can you put my idea in your books or calendars? Do you pay for ideas?
We're always looking for new materials. Click to our SUBMIT page for instructions. We don't pay for ideas or submissions. And, we can't guarantee that your idea will appear in print - although the chances of it appearing on our web site are pretty good unless it's too similar to something that we already have posted. Anything that you do submit means that you agree that we can use it without compensation. - DTG

How do I get a book published?
We get asked that a lot. So much so that Tim posted a web site just to answer the question. Click to MonkeyMarketing.com for a short course in book publishing. - DTG

We didn't answer your question here? Then, by all means, us your question. But keep in mind, we're not scientists or duct tape manufacturers - we're humor writers and comedians... But, we'll give it our best shot.