The Duct Tape Guy’s Creativity Seminar can be tailored to fit your time constraints (a minimum of two hours is recommended - three hours is optimum).

Following the presentation of "Duct Tape 101" (the Duct Tape Guys' 30-minute stand-up comedy act) there will be a short break followed by a creativity seminar. First we describe the brain storming process and illustrate how brainstorming has been instrumental in the creation of the Duct Tape Guys' books. The group will be divided up into teams of four to six people. "The Rules" of brainstorming will be outlined, and Tim will lead the group in a series of exercises that will help them become more fluent creative thinkers. Each group will utilize brainstorming techniques to create wacky inventions based on 1) objects on their tables, 2) pick one of their wackiest ideas and convert it to an usable product, 3) sell the idea to the group. (other exercises will be available based on group size and time constraints).

The Duct Tape Creativity Seminar can provide a refreshing break that teaches participants how to "Think Outside of the Box" everyday. Or, it can be directed in such a way that participants actually end up creating new products and services for your company. Either way, the seminar can result in a massive return on your investment.

You were a pleasure! Your spirit of cooperation and willingness to be accessible made our event fun for [everyone]. We plan to bring you back in the near future! Builder’s Association of Erie Pennsylvania

Thanks so much for all your hard work and humor. You made our event a terrific success. Everybody enjoyed your act and is very interested in having you back next year in a larger venue!
Jake Loyer, MIS Director

The hardware industry can’t go wrong with this guy!
Rick Gomez, Orchard Supply Hardware

"The Duct Tape Guys are charming!"
Charles Osgood, The Osgood File

Sheer genius! To be able to take a product as simple as duct tape and come up with all of this... that’s just plain genius!
Jerry Post, Vice President, Sears

Tim Nyberg has been a freelance creative director, graphic designer and illustrator since 1976. His clients have included an impressive list of clients such as: 3M, General Motors, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Henkel (Duck® brand Products), DMG World Media, DDB Needham Worldwide, Bozell, Kellogg's, General Mills, McDonalds, Pillsbury, Quaker Oats, WD-40 Company, Ace Hardware, Urban Traveler, Jazz88fm, Workman Publishing, Andrews McMeel, St. Martin's Press, DuPont, Harper Perennial, Intervarsity Press, Target Stores, ...

As the creator/author and co-author of over two dozen humor books, Tim's utilized his creative thinking and off-the-wall marketing skills to propel sales to very impressive numbers by anyone’s standards. His "Duct Tape Book(s)" have sold over three million copies to date.

With brother-in-law Jim Berg, The Duct Tape Guys have entertained audiences all over North America, England, and Germany and have appeared on well over 2000 radio and television shows. Top

The Duct Tape Guy’s Creativity Seminar is $9000 per seminar day (up to three hour seminar) plus expenses (airfare and lodging). Travel days (as required) are $950 per day. The fee includes a half-hour stand-up comedy show with the Duct Tape Guys followed by a short break and a two hour creativity workshop. Fee includes access to electronic files (pdf) of promotional materials and workshop handouts for you to duplicate and distribute.

You may choose to have the Guys' comedy act as entertainment at a luncheon - followed by a pull-out creativity session for all or a select group of attendees.


Tim Nyberg (aka The Duct Tape Guy) can be reached best by email.

Mailing address: Octane Creative
732 Memorial Drive, Suite #200
Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235