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"These guys are charming!" - The Osgood Files, CBS Radio
"We've never had so many callers on ANY topic. The phone rang for three days!" - FM100 Memphis, TN
"Tim and Jim are hysterical! We laughed so hard phlegm came up!" - WSNY, Columbus, Ohio

Suggested interview questions:

Use these questions or come up with your own:

Bit Ideas:

Have your listeners call in with their favorite use (or weirdest use) of WD-40. This is good opportunity to give away some books*.

Have a WD-40 contest: Give three callers 30 seconds each to reel off as many WD-40 uses as they can think of. Award the winner with the most uses a WD-40 Book*.

*We'll provide you with books for on-air giveaway (see Adventure Publications information above).

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